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Mediska, with its full commitment and passion towards medicine and health, has become a critical part of this industry, focusing on day-to-day improvement and progress in every possible aspect. Our persistent R&D, production and marketing of products like disposables, home use equipment are in all efforts to achieving one goal, that is to make people's lives better, with full care and quality.
Our line of products include: Isolation gown, Bouffant Cap, Mob Cap, Shoe Cover, Over sleeves, Lab Coat, Surgical Drapes / Gowns, Coverall, Face Mask; Blood Pressure Monitor, Nebulizer, Oxygen Generator, etc.
Certified with ISO13485, Mediska now has strong partners throughout global markets, exported to more than 50 countries and still continuing. Services and quality to us aren't just the image of Mediska, most importantly they count more to our customers and this is what keeps us going forward.
Your Health Matters.Led Display Fingertip Blood Oxygen Meter manufacturers

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